Taking Action in Our Communities

Devon has a proud tradition of investing to sustain the safety, education and vibrancy of the communities neighboring our operations, particularly the underserved. We make substantial grants to schools, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs and nonprofit organizations, and our employees generously volunteer their time to ensure their neighbors have access to basic necessities and enrichment opportunities.

Before we take action, we seek to understand our stakeholders’ concerns. As we engage with our neighbors, we’re mindful of our commitment to work with integrity, earn their trust and be held accountable for our actions and results.

Macay Brummal

Macay Brummal

community relations specialist

Consider your job description, as told by a child. Macay’s kids nailed it. “They say mom helps her co-workers volunteer to make the community a better place. I see myself as the broker between our community partners’ needs and our employees’ passion for serving. Those relationships strengthen both our city and the Devon brand.”