People drive Devon’s success by living out our core values: doing the right thing, delivering results, being good neighbors and team players. 

Building our workforce for diversity of thought

We strive to create a workplace where each Devon employee contributes toward strong shareholder returns as we produce energy in an environmentally and socially responsible way. As we seek to develop innovative solutions to the challenges we face, we expect that diversity of thought, broad experiences, openness to new ideas and strong technical skills will give us a competitive advantage.

To build the workforce we need, our inclusion and diversity (I&D) vision is to unleash the power of our people. We are strongly committed to being a progressive employer with a focus on nurturing a culture that embraces differences and allows every voice to be heard.

Devon has a track record for offering inclusive benefits that support I&D. We recently strengthened our efforts by forming an Executive Inclusion Council to help shape and guide our organizational-learning opportunities, pay practices, promotions, succession planning and other programs that support I&D. To meet our corporate goal of advancing inclusion, we are raising awareness of bias and inclusive behaviors through training and follow-up work. We've also formed an Employee Inclusion Action Team to work alongside the Executive Inclusion Council to further advance I&D strategies.

We believe that an inclusive, diverse workforce produces superior financial results.

Our I&D strategy is intended to improve our bottom line and further differentiate Devon from our peers.

In order to accelerate this focus:

  • We will engage, develop and empower diverse talent across all levels through strategies that combat unconscious bias.
  • We will strive to understand the uniqueness of all people and continually attract and retain the workforce needed for top-tier performance.
  • We will communicate our inclusiveness proactively and consistently throughout Devon, to our stakeholders and community.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable to demonstrating inclusive behaviors.

What it means at Devon:

Inclusion: Embracing difference and ensuring each voice is heard. 
Diversity: Unique identities, backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and abilities that make us who we are.

In the end, leaning on the strength of our distinctive individual backgrounds will only accelerate our performance.

As always, applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, status as a protected veteran or other characteristics protected by law.